Discover the Magic: Glorious Perfume Deluxe by My Perfumes | Eau de Parfum

Glorious Perfume Deluxe by My Perfumes 3
Glorious Perfume Deluxe by My Perfumes 3

Discover the Magic: Glorious Perfume Deluxe by My Perfumes | Eau de Parfum

Today, let’s talk about something cool – My Perfumes‘ awesome Glorious Perfume Deluxe!

It’s not just a perfume; it’s like a magical smell of adventure waiting to happen.

Picture this: a scent that’s not just nice but enchanting. In this article, we’ll get into the world of fancy smells, find out why Glorious Perfume Deluxe is super special, and help you pick the one that’s just right for you.

Meet Your Perfect Scent Companion: MY PERFUMES FACTORY LLC, Crafting Magic Since 1993!

My Perfumes

Let’s talk about MY PERFUMES FACTORY LLC. They’ve been creating amazing scents since 1993, all thanks to the cool leader, Mr. Firoz Baugwala.

Imagine this: these guys are the ones making the air smell awesome in the UAE with their real-deal Oriental and French perfumes.

They’re totally into the local vibes in Dubai, their home for over 20 years. And get this, they really understand what people want in their scents, making sure each perfume feels just right for you.

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Now, a big shout-out to Mr. Firoz for steering this fantastic journey. In his words,

“We started when the whole retail thing was taking off globally. It’s been a solid 30 years of making perfume lovers happy everywhere.

Based in Dubai, where East meets West, they’re on a mission to spread joy worldwide.

They’ve got a perfume for everyone – Oriental, Arabic, French – you name it!”

Glorious Perfume Deluxe is Sweet and Spicy 

Imagine this amazing perfume – it’s like a mysterious journey with sweet-spicy and woody vibes.

Glorious Perfume Deluxe by My Perfumes

Not just a smell; it’s a warm hug making you feel so special.

Perfect for any time birthdays, anniversaries, or just because.

If you want a perfume that’s sweet and spicy, Glorious Perfume Deluxe is your go-to for feeling extra fabulous

Why Glorious Perfume Deluxe is Special:

Glorious Perfume Deluxe is really cool because it has a special smell that stays with you.

If you like smells like wood, or something fancy, this perfume has something you’ll really like.

The smell stays with you all day, so you smell nice from morning to night. If you want to smell nice and be noticed, Glorious Perfume Deluxe is the best choice! 

Glorious Perfume Deluxe by My Perfumes n

For him or her?

Glorious Perfume Deluxe by My Perfumes new

Now, let’s chat about who this perfume is for. It’s for guys! Think about getting that cool, mysterious feeling that guys really like.

If you’re getting ready for a special day or just want to feel good every day, Glorious Perfume Deluxe is like your own special scent. It’s the kind of smell that makes you feel nice

Exploring the Range of Glorious Perfume Deluxe

Check out Glorious Perfume Deluxe for some amazing scents that take you on a special smell adventure.

Glorious Perfume Deluxe by My Perfumes 1

Ishatar Citrus is like a fancy and rich smell from Arabia that makes you feel sophisticated and charming whenever you put it on.

ishatarcitrusoud 1100x

And there’s also the Blueberry Musk EDP Infusion which gives you a timeless and classy musky scent. It’s a gentle yet strong fragrance that brings out elegance and refinement.


The Eau de Parfum formula in this perfume gives you the strongest and longest-lasting smell. It’s like a happiness guarantee for your senses that lasts for hours! 

Glorious Perfume Deluxe: Customer Reviews and Recommendations

In my opinion, Glorious Perfume Deluxe is amazing! People who’ve tried it say it lasts more than 10 hours and smells fantastic. I totally agree with them!

After wearing it for hours, I still smell it after 11 hours.

I’ve personally had such great experiences with this perfume. It’s not just a nice smell; it makes me feel something deep. It’s like creating beautiful memories every time I wear it, and I love that about it.

I recommend wearing Glorious Perfume Deluxe for any occasion, whether it’s just a regular day or a special celebration. It’s so versatile and can make any moment more special with its enchanting smell. Trust me, it’s worth trying!



Perfume refers to a fragrant liquid typically made from essential oils and alcohol. It is used to give a pleasant scent to a person’s body or clothing.


Glorious describes something that is magnificent, beautiful, or striking. In the context of perfume, it may refer to a specific brand or type of fragrance.

eau de parfum

Eau de parfum is a type of perfume with a higher concentration of fragrance oils, making it longer-lasting and more potent than other types of fragrances.


Fragrance is a generic term used to describe a pleasant or sweet smell. In the context of perfume, it refers to the overall scent created by combining various essential oils and aromatic compounds.

glorious perfume

Glorious perfume could refer to a specific type or brand of perfume that is renowned for its remarkable or outstanding qualities.


Scent refers to a distinctive, typically pleasant odor. In the realm of perfume, it denotes the specific or characteristic aroma produced by a particular fragrance.

arabian perfume

Arabian perfume typically refers to perfumes that are inspired by or originate from the Arabian Peninsula, known for their rich and exotic aromas.


100ml refers to the volume or size of a perfume bottle, often used as a standard measure for the quantity of perfume contained in a container.


Arabian relates to or pertains to the Arabian Peninsula, its people, culture, or products, including perfumes with distinctly Arabian characteristics.


Oud is a highly prized and aromatic resinous wood that is commonly used in the production of

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